J4K 505 GK  

At PMZ Academy Goalkeeping has joined with with Just 4 Keepers and we are working to build a good foundation for our goalkeepers.  Teaching them proper techniques along with putting them into high intensity drills while working on footwork, reaction, and focus.  We strive to produce top goalkeepers here at PMZ.  PMZ Goalkeeping guides under the "Keepers Union" We the Goalkeepers are each here to train and push each other GK to their full potential. We are a Team within a Team.

Sessions are held on the same nights as player skills nights.  Private and small group sessions can also be arranged. Please contact Coach Anthony Guyker for more information.

[email protected]

Summer Sessions

Does your Goalkeeper want to get in some extra work this summer to stay at the top of their game?  PMZ Goalkeeping welcomes Goalkeepers from every club to come train during the summer.  Small group or individual sessions available.  Please contact Anthony Guyker @ [email protected] for more information.